“A Penny for your Thoughts” is a non profit project that was only possible to be made with the goodwill from all partners and volunteers involved.

Concept of the project by:

Marian van der Zwaan, Dutch visual artist living in Portugal. Her art installations are predominantly non-profit projects based on social issues, gender discrimination and ethnic groups. With her large scale projects she often explores the same theme within different cultures/countries, to see and share how each culture intervenes with the same subject. Marian aims to express and connect her message to the general public. That is why she brings her art to public areas.

Coordenation, development and launch of the project by:

Samilia Foundation, was created in 2007 to alert and raise awareness on the situation of human trafficking in Belgium mainly in sexual exploitation and more recently also labour trafficking. When looking at the root causes of human trafficking, Samilia decided to develop prevention projects in countries of origin of victims in order to address these causes. The projects target potential victims of trafficking and also survivors of trafficking, taking into account the broad spectrum of offer and demand for human trafficking. We also develop social inclusion programmes for victims as one of the root causes of trafficking is lack of work opportunities and to do so we partner with the private sector. We have been active in the following countries: Romania, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Benin, Bulgaria, Moldova and Greece. We partner with local NGOs and develop  programmes together.

Video by:

Edgar Felix loves the world and its people that´s why he is a videographer of people. He is a Communication Scientist living in Covilhã, near nature. Guilt never dies unmarried and the choice of his craft is in the love of two sisters, photography and videography. His work seeks to respect a sense of truth and show the world the world. He wants to make a video deep enough to get to the bottom of the question and the people. He does not want to be educated when working on pictures and composing his videos, but if he can, maybe he can educate someone.

Design/web by:

David Duarte is a designer from Covilhã, who along his life discovered that the drawings he made during his childhood were a harbinger of how he would leave his mark on the world… the design. The challenge in his work is to transmit ideas and concepts in a clear and simple way, and whenever possible he likes to explore new media such as webdesign… but always aware that for a good job always surround yourself with the best, counting with the precious help of Manuel Lourenço in developing.


Cathy O’Neill, Mary Murphy, Karen Moylan, Fionnuala Leahy, Lee Martina, Barbara Gomes, Octavio Pinho, Jaqueline Aguiar Cardoso, Stanisla a Borisowa, Gergana Boteva, Beatrice Croitoru, Antonie Evelin and Moise Ana.