“A Penny for your Thoughts” is an international art project to raise awareness about Human Trafficking within prostitution. The main concept of the project are “the thoughts” of general public towards prostitution.

To do so, provoking posters with phone numbers were spread around parts of several European cities. When dialling the number on the poster the public receives the story of a victim and hence will become automatically part of the project. The public also had the possibility of leaving a message “thoughts” in the voice mail.

The quantity of phone calls during the project were counted individually in each participating city. Messages left by the public were treated  anonymously and used in the  final result of the project. The final outcome is a short film showing the genuine interaction of people who are looking for a prostitute and finding out the girl they want to speak with was abused and trafficked.

“A Penny for your Thoughts” was developed in 6 different countries where the dissimilarity of each venue is characterized by the human intervention from each culture.